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Mixage Fou is a contest, created in 2009 by Thierry Dilger.
Mixage Fou born in 2012.

composition of the association

- Gilles Mardirossian, President of Mixage Fou (Director of the association Mixage Fou) work in France Culture realisator and Sound artist
- Bergame Périaux, Vice President (sound engineer, trainer and manager of multi channel INA)
- Michael Saludo, Secretary (Film producer)
- Dominic Theodosis, Assistant Secretary (Director: School of Music)
- Claude Niort, Treasurer (Technician at Radio France)
- Guy Senaux, administrator (Sound engineer)
- Goran Vejvoda, administrator of Mixage Fou (musician / artist sound)
- ­Cendrine Robelin, administrator of Mixage Fou (Composer / Filmmaker)
- Irene Omélianenko, administrator of Mixage Fou (Program Advisor for the documentary and sound creation in France Culture)


Alexandra Joubert Developer / Website development
Monsieur Poisson / Studiopoisson Artist / graphic
Françoise Anger fine art artist & psychomotricist / curator for Nuit Blanche / workshop concept
Thierry Dilger sound designer / developer and coordinator of the contest and creator of workshops Mixage Fou / designer GASPR software / workshop concept



MDA 20, Boite 50
association Mixage Fou
3, rue Frédérick Lemaître
75020 Paris