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Digital promenade

from 6 years

This digital workshop was offered to children of Ormesson Recreation Centre (France). This animation on iPad was to create an original game, background images, sounds Enghien les Bains, reprocessed. The children participated in two types of sessions. Outside and inside.

Outside the children went in search of sounds (lake, commerce, public spaces ...) and took pictures in the streets of Enghien-les-Bains. Indoors, other children listened to the recordings and brought their own comments. Then they reworked photos taken in the city, on the tablet and created avatars of the game that will be chosen by users. Each played by an avatar can move through a representation of Enghien les Bains, created by children. Throughout his walk, the user can also control the sound environment picked up and modified by children.

Designer, director and speaker: Thierry Dilger, sound designer / sound artist.